I have 30 years of experience and expertise in designing learning and organisational development interventions; from community artwork and street work with young people to large scale national leadership programmes for in excess of 3,000 people and pro bono work for schools and communities.

I am creative. My creativity is not just a way to make and do things; it is a way to understand and engage with the world.

With this philosophy in mind, I have developed highly successful and innovative programmes, excited and enabled learners to think imaginatively about the possibilities within their systems and ultimately to define their own future.

I will co-create with you an Adult-to-Adult learning and development environment, and this will provide a space where real practical learning can take place.

This learning will include challenge and support, fun and creativity, individual and group activities, and a need to be fully present and engaged. I believe that the first job we have as leaders is to create an environment where people can think for themselves. That is my intention in every intervention, programme and conversation.

This is a bold step away from hiding behind a plethora of slides and handouts, into the world of thinking together to co-create the future.

This philosophy is an antidote to the old world and an invitation into the new, where:

  • Relationships are everything; we need deep, honest, and authentic relationships with all of the people we work with, to engage with the emerging future
  • Conversation, challenge, creativity and collaboration are the edges of all of the relationships in this learning environment
  • You are as much the expert as I am, we are thinking equals
  • Risk is shared in the adventure to explore the future and it is ok to be vulnerable
  • Collectively we are the work, we are the impact, we are the role models
  • Listening is paramount; to self, to others and to the sense of the future

For the last 24 years, I have undertaken this work with an amazing group of people – Fiona MacNeill Associates – and my personal story is therefore inextricably linked to that experience and learning.

My new adventure takes me out on my own again: to build and maintain existing relationships and develop new ones. This website aims to inform you, the ‘interested inquirer’, of what that could mean to you personally, your team or your organisation.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Design, development and evaluation of bespoke programmes and materials
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Appreciative Leadership Development
  • Change Maker Development
  • Design Thinking
  • Systems Thinking
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Theory U
  • Thinking Partnerships

All of this is bespoke and created for the customer.

This can be offered and facilitated virtually, using tools and frameworks that are part of an online toolbox, as well as in physical environments.

This website aims to:

  • Make the connection on a human level
  • Share the underpinning philosophy and thinking that will shape a partnership
  • Provide examples of possibilities and services, including testimonials


Integrity: my touchstone; I will always be straight with you

Respect: for you and your thinking, your story, your core purpose; I will listen

Commitment: to always deliver more than expected to all of the people I connect with; I am accountable to you

Positivity: my way of being; I am passionate about uncovering potential, energising creativity; I believe that I make a difference

Community of Practice

I am privileged to lead a facilitator community of practice. We bring our own unique strengths and experiences resulting in collaboration that creates depth and breadth to our offer.

Our personal and professional values are strongly aligned. We are committed and loyal to each other and the work we do. We care deeply about our impact on the people and organisations that we serve.

We are passionate about the power of conversation to change things, the power of inquiry to challenge the status quo and the power of creativity to shift and envision new futures.