The possibilities for me to support you or your team to work with challenge using Strengths-Based Leadership are varied. It is a particularly helpful framework in preparing for an interview and also as a bedrock of team development.

Interview Preparation

Time with Fiona (and others if required) to plan and prepare yourself for interview. Specifically, these conversations are about you as a leader, how you engage others, and your sense of your leadership values and compass linked to your strengths.

This incorporates:

  • The individual completing the Gallup Strengths-Based Leadership diagnostic
  • The individual completing preparatory work on their leadership compass, responding to questions like:
    How do you ‘show-up’ as a leader in your whole life?
  • Who and what keeps you ‘straight’?
  • What values guide you?
  • What would you like to think your leadership legacy will be?
  • Connecting with the individual in ways and at times that work for them
  • The individual is supported by Fiona MacNeill to consider the impact of the prework on their leadership confidence and how this aligns to the role requirements
  • Enabling the individual to do the thinking they need to do about blind-spots and what strengths they need in others to complement their own
  • Unlimited support that includes face to face, face to face via video, and telephone and email support


These packages are available from as little as £750. Everything is possible and no price is fixed.

Strengths-Based Teams Workshops

The design, development and evaluation of Strengths-Based Teams workshops. 1-4 days over time depending on requirements. Workshops built around the team, where they are and how they need to be. Thinking creatively about how the team functions, engages and innovates using strengths.

This could include:

  • Reflecting on teams that liberate the best in you
  • Introducing the idea of the Learning Organisation and Teams as Communities of Practice
  • Exploring emotional responses to change in the team and link this to TA, assumptions and unintended consequences
  • Creating powerful questions to shift the perceptions of change and release deeper thinking
  • Identifying the pattern of Strengths-Based Leadership across the four domains of Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building and Strategic
  • Relating your strengths to your behaviour and help others to do the same
  • Exploring what the concepts blind spots, unintended consequences and thinking equal
  • Defining how engaging positively with collective strengths and challenge can transform the team culture
  • Connecting the concept of Strengths to your wellbeing, your relationships and your service


Supported by a virtual toolbox of thinking, frameworks and activities.

Price on clarification of requirements. Example: £1,750 for one day with a team of 8-12.


All of the people who provided these testimonials would be happy for you to have a conversation with them. Email me on [email protected] and I can set that up.

“Following a successful programme delivered by Fiona to over 30 staff over an 18-month period, we employed Fiona without hesitation to deliver some short, sharp learning around strengths-based teams.

This saw participants learn about their own strengths as well as those of others and gain insight around how to better function as a team playing to these strengths and accommodating one another for best effect. As we had become accustomed to, delivery supported us to see practical application of the learning, not an abstract theory divorced from the world we moved in.

Fiona’s delivery, knowledge and challenge helped us to get maximum return from this learning time and participants’ feedback was positive testimony to its impact.”

Operations Director Third Sector Housing Association