The possibilities for me to support you, your team or your organisation using Appreciative Inquiry and Appreciative Leadership are varied. In all instances, these opportunities would be co-created and designed with and for you. The areas for inquiry whether that be at individual, team or organisational level would be agreed and the powerful questions designed.

Appreciative Inquiry: Training for Facilitators

A huge desire of working in this way is to leave a legacy of competence, capability and confidence within the organisation when the development intervention is over. Developing internal facilitators from across all functions is a great way to make learning and development everyone’s role and not just the domain of HR or OD.

Two days Appreciative Inquiry Training for 20 Facilitators: £5,000. This can be delivered in a virtual environment over a longer time period.

Appreciative Inquiry: Large Scale Conversations

The design and facilitation of Large-Scale Conversations aligned to a desire to co-create: strategy, policy, new ways of working can be a fantastic way to galvanise thinking from all levels and areas of the organisation. These conversations can be facilitated with up to 200 people. The design of the questions, the creation of the environment and the production of an artefact of the outcomes can all be included.

Price on clarification of requirements. One day for 30-200 people and all of the associated development: £5,000-£25,000.

Appreciative Inquiry: Design Support

The provision of coaching and feedback to support an internal team to design and facilitate an Appreciative Inquiry.

Price on clarification of requirements: £1,000 upwards.

Appreciative Leadership Development Programme

The design, development and evaluation of an Appreciative Leadership programme for leaders at all levels aligned to organisational values and purpose for 20-30 delegates.

3 x 2-day Workshops:

  • Caring for Relationships
  • Caring for the Organisation
  • Caring for Quality and Innovation

Supported by a virtual toolbox of thinking, frameworks and activities.

Price on clarification of requirements: £30,000 upwards.


All of the people who provided these testimonials would be happy for you to have a conversation with them. Email me on [email protected] and I can set that up.

Appreciative Leadership Programme: Local Authority

“The initial programme used a strengths-based leadership approach that consisted of group work and 1-2-1s with senior leaders. Using an appreciative inquiry approach a number of real-time situations were examined to address live and often long-standing issues. This work used lines of inquiry to help develop techniques building on strengths but also to identify ‘blindspots’ to enable participants to develop awareness and understanding; how others reacted; behaviours; enable appropriate responses; and how these might be overcome whilst not losing the strengths of individuals in addressing complex issues.

This work also helped participants to develop skills that enabled responses to be fully considered and not jump to tried and tested solutions that may not always provide the best possible response. The role and support has enabled a transformational change amongst participants in how they approach issues both as individuals or as part of a team that builds respect and confidence whilst enabling high quality and effective outcomes to issues.

Fiona’s energy and approach is in my experience quite unique, ensuring that everyone is given the support and space to develop and even winning over the most sceptical individuals who are now using the learning in everyday work enabling the Council to fully utilise its valuable people resource to address challenges.”

CEO Local Authority