The possibilities for me to support your team or your organisation to use the Design Thinking Framework as a method for change come in two main formats which are outlined below. It is a particularly helpful framework in engaging people in change which will affect them, sharing co-creation across large organisational systems and looking for creative and innovative solutions.

Design Thinking Consultancy

I will work with you and a series of Internal Design Teams to support organisational change. In a recent project, this change was around culture in frontline services. This included finding out what people thought currently worked, what was currently stuck and what ideas and commitments they had to the future. An example of the type of timeline is shown above.

This type of project is co-designed with you and the scope and number of people involved is therefore variable and very difficult to cost. Once an initial Discovery conversation has taken place, a proposal will be produced at no cost to you.

Design Thinking Development

The design, development and evaluation of a Design Thinking Development programme for individuals at all levels, aligned to organisational change and innovation: 20-24 delegates.

4 x 2-day Workshops:

  • Design Thinking 1: Empathy
  • Design Thinking 2: Define and Ideate
  • Design Thinking 3: Prototyping
  • Design Thinking 4: Tests of Change

Supported by a virtual toolbox of thinking, frameworks and activities.

Price on clarification of requirements: £30,000 upwards.


All of the people who provided these testimonials would be happy for you to have a conversation with them. Email me on [email protected] and I can set that up.

Watch a film about the completion of this programme in an NHS environment

Working in a creative way testimonial

“Working with Fiona MacNeill is always at least two things: an absolute pleasure and a positive, intellectual stretch.

I know my trade; I am used to taking a brief and working my magic to create a visual artefact that reflects the requirements of the brief. When I work with Fiona, it is different. As a fellow creative, Fiona has a sharpened set of tools that allow her to interpret her idea of what a visual artefact might look like and this is unusual. She has an ability to visualise the bigger picture as well as enough of the glorious detail to leave scope for and to welcome additional ideas.

Many people do not possess the same level of visual acuity, insight and vision that Fiona does. She is not only creative but also artistic. This means that she can take the idea in her head and ‘translate’ it into a sketch that manifests as a rough, but beautifully drawn out picture on a page. This is a rare skill. She makes original ideas look good.

This becomes a well-formed starting point that then allows for development and flexibility in service of the conversations, the event or the piece of work that the initial idea relates to. And that’s the stretch. To take an already beautifully articulated idea and work with it; to flesh it out and to make it even more, and to be trusted to do that.

Fiona’s creativity and attention to detail also manifest in the environment that she creates for people to think and learn. Resources are of high quality, and there is often a visual theme and a thread that brings everything together. The environment tells participants and colleagues that they matter. This is particularly pleasurable as creativity begets creativity. Providing that a well thought out, colourful and stimulating environment encourages people to bring their best to the thinking and learning space.

Fiona demonstrates how both creativity and artistry can be designed flawlessly into an experience one to a few or one to many; and it is this, in my opinion, that is one of the things that makes her a true original.”

Vanessa Randle
Thinking Visually