The possibilities for me to support you, your team or your organisation to use Theory U as a methodology for change are wide-ranging. Theory U, like Appreciative Inquiry and Design Thinking, comes from the stable of positive psychology. It believes in generative conversations and reflection, followed by crystallising the future and rapid prototyping.

Theory U as a frame for Personal Inquiry

A unique opportunity to be supported by one or two Thinking Partners whilst using Theory U as a framework for Personal Change.

This incorporates:

  • A two-hour initial inquiry with one or two Thinking Partners, using a highly creative visual as shown above
  • The design and facilitation of powerful questions to continue and deepen the inquiry
  • Connecting with the individual in ways and at times that work for them
  • The individual being supported by Fiona MacNeill and potentially a second person
  • Enabling the individual to do the thinking they need to do about their leadership compass and legacy
  • Unlimited support that includes face to face, face to face via video, and telephone and email support

These packages are available from £2,500. Everything is possible and no price is fixed.

Theory U as a frame for Team/ Organisational Change

Theory U lends itself to team and organisational consultancy interventions. These interventions could include:

  • Developing of internal facilitators
  • Training groups of people on the underpinning theory of the framework
  • Supporting a team or several teams to use Theory U as the delivery mechanism for change and improvement

Price on clarification of requirements.


All of the people who provided these testimonials would be happy for you to have a conversation with them. Email me on [email protected] and I can set that up.

Watch a film about Fiona MacNeill and Jacqui Lunday talking about the impact of a Theory U based development programme.

“On recently taking up a new Executive Leadership role, I made a conscious decision to embark on a journey to further develop my leadership skills. Utilising “Theory U” as a frame for a leadership inquiry, which followed the principles of appreciative inquiry, I was able to gain a better understanding of my areas of strength and areas for further development.

Having the benefit of two thinking partners in the room was invaluable and allowed me to really think about my leadership identity in depth. From looking initially at my personal purpose and personal compass through an appreciative conversation and discussing various aspects of my leadership preferences, I was able to develop my thinking through conversation in an extremely ‘safe and supportive’ environment.

The process was very rewarding and afforded me the opportunity to explore a number of areas through a suite of questions that I was able to choose from, and which guided us through the inquiry. We were able to explore my current leadership context, which, in turn, informed my desired leadership goals. In responding and being challenged to further expand on a number of areas through supportive prompting, we were able to have an extremely powerful conversation.

The Theory U approach allowed us to take a holistic view while also allowing the conversations to focus on a variety of important factors such as intuition, expectations, visibility, clarity, perceptions, the power of thinking, change management, workplace relationships, team dynamics, and the undeniable importance of overall culture and behaviours.

The professionalism, experience and support provided by my two thinking partners was exceptional. I have already gained a real clarity of my development needs, but equally important, I am much more personally aware of my strengths and working preferences and how these can be really influential in ensuring success. My experience of “working on myself” with Fiona and Jim has been extremely rewarding, and I look forward to the next sessions.”

Director, Local Authority